Which AI degree is best?

Which AI degree is the best? If you're interested in Artificial Intelligence, you may be overwhelmed by the different types of degrees that universities offer...

Which AI degree is best?

Which AI degree is best? In this text, we explain the three most important degree programmes - Computer Science, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence - and help you decide which one is right for you.

(Cut to a student interviewing a computer science professor).

Student: So, Professor, what does a degree in computer science offer AI enthusiasts?

Prof: Excellent question. A degree in computer science provides a solid foundation in programming, algorithms and software design, which are crucial for anyone who wants to get into AI. Also, many universities have started to offer specialisations in AI app techniques and applications in their computer science departments. This is a good choice for individuals interested in developing the tools that make AI possible.

Students: What about a degree in data science?

(Cut to a student interviewing a Data Science professor).

Prof: Data Science focuses more on statistics and machine learning. Here, students learn how to gain insights from large data sets using statistical and quantitative analysis methods. Without Data Science, there would be no AI app. It is a good choice for people who like to work with numbers and manipulate data.

Students: What makes the degree in Artificial Intelligence so special?

(Cut to a student interviewing an AI professor).

Prof: A degree in Artificial Intelligence is a more specialised field of study that includes both computer science and data science. It places a greater emphasis on the theoretical concepts that underpin AI app. It is ideal for those who want to innovate in AI research, explore cutting-edge AI applications or develop their own AI techniques.

(Cut to a group of students having an informal discussion).

Student 1: Which do you think is better?

Student 2: I think they all have their advantages. If you want to be a developer, computer science is probably the way to go. But if you prefer to do data analysis, maybe Data Science is more your thing.

Student 3: Yeah, and if you want to use your knowledge of artificial intelligence and shape the future of artificial intelligence, then artificial intelligence might be the best choice.

Which AI degree is best?

There is no one "best" AI degree, as the field of AI encompasses many different disciplines and areas of expertise. The best AI degree for a person depends on their specific interests and career goals.

Some popular AI-related degrees are:

Computer Science:

A degree in Computer Science provides a solid foundation in programming, algorithms and data structures, which are essential for working in the AI field.

Data science:

A degree in data science focuses on statistical analysis, machine learning and data visualisation, which are important skills for working with large data sets and building AI models.


A degree in mathematics provides a solid foundation in mathematical theory, which is essential for developing and understanding advanced AI algorithms.


A degree in robotics combines computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering to build machines and robots that can interact with their environment.

Cognitive Science:

A degree in Cognitive Science combines psychology, linguistics and neuroscience to study the human mind and its information processing, which is useful for developing AI systems that can mimic human cognition.

Which AI degree programme is best for a person ultimately depends on their interests and career goals. It is important to carefully research and evaluate different degree programmes to find out which one is the best fit. In addition, it is worth noting that many AI professionals have different backgrounds and degrees, so it is possible to work in the field of AI without having a specific degree in AI.