How much does a DALL-E image cost?

DALL-E is an AI model developed by

How much does a DALL-E image cost?

How much does a DALL-E image cost? It is not a platform or service that offers images for sale. Rather, is a machine learning model that generates images based on text input.

How much does a DALL-E image cost?

If you want to use to create images for your own purposes, you can do so for free by accessing API, which allows developers and researchers to use the model to create images. However, accessing the API may come at a cost, such as processing time fees or usage fees.

DALL-E created images:

If you are interested in purchasing images created with, you will need to search for artists or individuals who have used the model to create images and offer them for sale. The price of these images depends on various factors, such as the size and complexity of the image, the reputation and experience of the artist, and the demand for the image.

Is DALL-E 1 available for the public?

OpenAI has not released to the public and it cannot be used at this time. was the first version of the model trained on a dataset of text and images. It was used to create the first set of images that OpenAI introduced in early 2021.

Version of the model:

However, OpenAI has released a newer version of the model, known as, which can be used via OpenAI's API. Developers and researchers can use the model to generate images based on text input, although access to the API may come at a cost. model :

It is worth noting that the model is a proprietary technology owned by OpenAI, and the company has not released or made the code for the model available for public use. However, OpenAI has made the API available for developers and researchers who wish to use the model to generate images for their own projects.